wedding peeps we love

There are SO many awesome wedding peeps we LOVE in the San Diego wedding community, we thought we’d take some time to highlight a few. First up, Sean Capshaw with Resolusean Photography, an amazing photographer available for any occasion. Anyone who has browsed our site, or our portfolio, probably can tell how much we love Sean’s work; his logo and photos grace our pages with style and all around awesomeness!

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Business name: Resolusean
Date business was established: 2003 i think… its been a bit of a blur
A little about you and your company: i am ninja
How did you start: with deliberateness and diligence
What is one of your most memorable wedding moments: a bride in a very expensive wedding dress deciding to go into the pool for a dip
Any words of wisdom: stay hydrated
Any other passions: music and fast driving on deserted roads
What is one thing you can’t live without: my blood
What was the last text message you sent: dessert
What is your favorite song to listen to right now: Fragile by Delta Goodrem
Favorite food or drink: Chips and great salsa

Thanks Sean for the interview! We love you! Keep on rockin those awesome photos! 🙂

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